within, without

fall 2019
design research
print design
An illustrated book that visualizes themes of mental health, wellness, and unwellness in Asian American communities, drawn from stories and thoughts collected from Asian young adults in the United States.

The illustrations draw from a mix of personal symbolism and respondents’ descriptions of their experiences, and represent 10 paired themes of unwellness/ wellness: distance/ community, empire/ world, chaos/ comfort, rest/ illusion, and expectation/ promise. Paired with quotes from these experiences that correspond with each theme, the visualizations are meant to function as a starting point to consider: what does this look like in our communities? What does it mean to exist within systems, of care or otherwise, that largely center whiteness and western-ness? How could we begin to have these conversations, and how could we truly care for each other?

Due to some concerns since this is a fairly sensitive topic, only the illustrations and a select few spreads are shown. Please contact me for access to the full process or final book.

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