fall 2018
A short animation created that addressed one of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, a set of goals challenging countries to create a better future for all. I decided to focus on SDG 13, Climate Action. Specifically, I tackled the issue of “climate dread,” or how people become overwhelmed with the negative news and lack of progress around climate change, which leads to their inaction. I wanted to convey the message that even though this may seem like an impossible fight, we are strong together & can make a difference.

The background music is “Theme For The Storm” by Louie Zong.

concept —

For this project, we were tasked with creating a video that somehow addressed one of the SDGs. I started by reading up on the larger goals of the SDGs, as well as individual goals that interested me, but around the same time that I was conducting research the IPCC report on climate change was released. After reading so many articles about how little time we had left, as well as seeing a lot of fatalistic reactions on social media, I realized that I wanted my video to try to address this phenomenon, and encourage people to take action despite seemingly overwhelming odds.

development —

Once I had settled on a concept, I began thinking about the visual design of my video. My narrative had a main character, and I wanted to make sure that this character didn’t fall into outdated stereotypes for heroic fantasy figures (e.g. only white men)—if my message was that everyone can work together to a greater effect, I needed to also represent more people. It was also important to me that the character be either feminine or gender-ambiguous. While I wasn’t able to fully explore different character designs for my video due to the time restraints of the project, I tried to achieve these goals with the designs I decided to go with.

I wanted to convey my message non-literally, partially because my topic was fairly large and ambiguous and partially because I felt that that would make the concept both more impactful and easier to understand. After storyboarding several ideas & receiving feedback from my peers I settled on framing the narrative as a heroic/ fantasy story, since this would also use tropes familiar to my target audience of young adults and would present the message in an engaging manner.

Throughout the project I put a lot of consideration into the messaging of the video. Since most of the video would be text-free, I had to revise my writing to ensure my message was conveyed to the audience. During this process I also decided to include a link to 350, an organization that connects people with grassroots movements in their area to fight for climate justice, at the end of my video. I felt that this went along well with the message of video, and helped provide viewers with an actionable next step.

making of —

Some rought animations & style explorations from my process.

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